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Beri Schwitzer

Emotional and Spiritual Passover Cleaning

“When we clean for Pesach, we are not simply preparing to leave Egypt. Rather, we are committing to leave all the things that constrict us emotionally and spiritually and open ourselves to new possibilities.” —Lisa Silverstein Tzur As soon as Purim ended and the last hamantashen crumb was on my lips, my bubbie began her frenzied Passover cleaning. […]


Have you ever been Jewbarrassed? It’s a word that describes the embarrassment of feeling we’re supposed to know something Jewish, but we don’t. For example, we might feel Jewbarrassed when people sing birkat hamazon, grace after meals, and everyone but us seems to know the words. Or, maybe we feel it in that moment of not being sure whether […]

Rabbi Elana Zelony

Passover and Freedom

Ask people to free associate with the word Passover, and many people will forgo lofty ideas like redemption to say, “matzah.” Instead of cracking the inevitable joke about prunes, I’d like to examine this answer more closely. It’s not a frivolous answer. Matzah is not only a food, it is a symbol. It is a […]

Cyd Friedman

Shabbat, Purim, Passover, Oh My!

I am so excited to announce that we have signed a new contract with Rabbi Zelony for 5 years! Rabbi Zelony has brought renewed energy toward spirituality, education for adults and children, music and community. We are thrilled that she, Adiv and the kids are as happy here as we are to have them here. […]

Beri Schwitzer

Jewish Journey and Education

With all of the rainy weather during Spring Break, I finally found some time to curl up with a good book and, thankfully, I found myself entranced with Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman’s “The Journey Home: Discovering the Deep Spiritual Wisdom of the Jewish Tradition.” You know…some light reading. Hoffman writes of his own personal spiritual journey […]

Rabbi Elana Zelony

Hametz: Spring Cleaning

Some people love spring cleaning. (Yes, I’m thinking of the volunteers who’ve been preparing for the Learning Center’s garage sale.) If you ask spring cleaners why they love to purge and scrub they’ll tell you two things. It feels good to get rid of things that we don’t need, and it’s important to clean schmutz […]