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Have you ever been Jewbarrassed? It’s a word that describes the embarrassment of feeling we’re supposed to know something Jewish, but we don’t. For example, we might feel Jewbarrassed when people sing birkat hamazon, grace after meals, and everyone but us seems to know the words. Or, maybe we feel it in that moment of not being sure whether […]

Beri Schwitzer

Learn as if You Were to Live Forever

When Rabbi Hanina and Rabbi Hiyya used to quarrel, Rabbi Hanina would say: “Do you dare to quarrel with me? Even if, God forbid, the entire Torah were forgotten, I would be able to restore it by myself, relying on my powers of argumentation.” Rabbi Hiyya would respond: “Do you dare to argue with me? Consider what […]

Beri Schwitzer

ISJL Partnership

At Congregation Beth Torah, we’re proud to partner with the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) to ensure our children an excellent Jewish education. The ISJL is a regional, trans-denominational Jewish organization serving a thirteen– state southern territory. Our school is one of 70 religious schools across the region sharing in the ISJL’s curriculum, […]

Beri Schwitzer

Opportunity for Jewish Learning

When the Torah was given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai, a well-known Midrash tells us it possessed seventy faces. Why seventy? At the beginning of Parashat Nitzavim, in Deuteronomy 29:9, it is written: “Behold you are standing this day all of you before the Lord your G-d: your heads, your tribes, your elders and […]

Beri Schwitzer

Education Program Enhancements

Imagine a school where your child will be excited to learn Hebrew skills, to gain a deep understanding of Conservative Judaism, and to develop a connection to prayer, spirituality and the Jewish people. A school that allows each child to reach their potential and caters to their individual learning styles and skillsets. Congregation Beth Torah […]

Beri Schwitzer

Tending to Our Educational Tree

We began the 2015–2016 term with the metaphor of a tree; imagine a mighty oak with strong limbs and hungry roots. A tree that has a sturdy foundation but that has suffered some damage in years past; it has been untended and it desperately needs basic elements in order to survive. Educational Tree: The Roots […]

Beri Schwitzer

Jewish Journey and Education

With all of the rainy weather during Spring Break, I finally found some time to curl up with a good book and, thankfully, I found myself entranced with Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman’s “The Journey Home: Discovering the Deep Spiritual Wisdom of the Jewish Tradition.” You know…some light reading. Hoffman writes of his own personal spiritual journey […]

Disabilities and Education at Beth Torah

I am the chairperson of the Congregation Beth Torah (CBT) Inclusion initiative and just read an article about how we talk about those who face barriers to full and comfortable participation in life, the language we use when we talk about differences.  Note that I didn’t use the term “special needs.”  The preferred term is […]