Large Enough to Serve You
Small Enough to Know You

Rabbi Elana Zelony

The Shul with a Pool

As many of you know there have been concerns that our membership is not large enough. The board and I have gone through a strategic process to decide how to address this issue. Based on the success of Jewish Community Centers around the country, we’ve decided to become…The Shul with a Pool. As of the first of March we will begin to add athletic facilities to our campus. We believe this will give us a unique identity in the DFW Jewish community and attract new members.

We are limited on space, but we’ve found creative ways to make everything fit. The first change will be to install a pool in the middle of the Oneg Room. It will make Shabbat lunch more complicated, but Esther, Roz, and Maria are working hard on the details of arranging floating buffet tables as well as becoming certified lifeguards.

The next stage of our transition will be to remove the seats from the sanctuary and replace them with exercise bikes and treadmills. This will allow members to get their weekend workout and attend services simultaneously. The machines will be specially designed to hold prayer books. We ask that congregants be careful not to confuse talits with towels.

Finally, all the classrooms in the Learning Center will be converted into Zumba and Yoga studios. This means we will need to remove all the desks and school supplies from those rooms. We know that there may be concerns that this will inhibit our students learning but, as we all know, children are adaptable and we believe that they will soon learn to memorize the texts instead of relying on books, pencils, and paper. We also believe it will instill discipline in the children to hold tree pose and downward dog for the duration of their school day.

And if you haven’t figured it out by now…Happy Purim! May this holiday bring us much laughter and merriment as we celebrate together.