Large Enough to Serve You
Small Enough to Know You


Saturday, June 8

6:00 PM begins the progressive dinner and Torah-Thon…

A Torah-Thon…think Torah relay racegives congregants an opportunity to give a 2-minute English D’Var Torah (sermonette) on Parasha (each weekly portion) with the goal of going through the entire Torah. In between each book of the Torah we’ll stop to review, ask questions, and serve a different course of dinner. Please plan to join us!

  • Genesis = appetizers
  • Exodus = Salad
    • Here we will pause to daven Maariv
  • Leviticus= Entree
  • Numbers = Fruit
  • Deuteronomy = Dessert (Cheesecake!)

Please sign up to participate in our Torah-Thon relay with a maximum 2-minute insight into one of the 53 portions (D’Var torah / sermonette), click here to choose and sign-up for your reading.

Join us for first and second day services…

1st Day Shavuot Morning Service, 9AM Sunday, June 9

2nd Day Shavuot Morning Service, 9AM Monday, June 10  (this service includes reading in English from Megilat (Book of) Ruth and Yizkor at approx 10:15 AM)