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Course: Decoding Jewish Prayer

The course will strengthen student’s Jewish identity and enhance their connections to our Jewish community as we identify the origins, history and meaning of each prayer in the Shacharit Shabbat service.

Class meets on select Mondays, 6:30 PM in the Sara Ackerman Library & Member Lounge (LML). This course costs $180 for members ($360 for non-members). To register, contact the Congregational Learning Center at 972.234.1542 x224 or by email.
You can also click here for a registration form.


Intro to Jewish Prayer / History Jewish Liturgy

September 9

Morning Blessings

October 7

Pesukay D’Zimrah

November 4

Shema Uvirchotecha

December 2

Creation, Revelation, Redemption

January 6

Ge’ulah (Emet V’Emunah, MiChamocha)

February 3

Nineteen blessings/Kavanah/Addressing G-d/Ancestors

March 2


April 6


May 4


June 1