Large Enough to Serve You
Small Enough to Know You

Cyd Friedman

Hospitality Towards Guests

Dear CBT Family,

I have been reading a wonderful book that was highly recommended to me as president of Beth Torah. The book, by Dr. Ron Wolfson, is titled “Relational Judaism”, and in the introduction, he takes it all down to one sentence: It’s about relationships. The last line of Beth Torah’s mission statement is “….and we are known for our devotion to “hachnasat orchim”, which means hospitality toward guests.

Honored Guests

So, my passionate desire is for each of us to treat everyone we see at the synagogue or any synagogue event as an honored guest. What does that mean exactly? When you see people you don’t know, do you go over to introduce yourself and learn their names? If you know their names but not much else, do you go over and say hello and learn something new about them? I know… that’s a pretty extroverted thing to do, so not everyone is comfortable with that. But to be the Kahilla Kadosha (Sacred Community) that all synagogues strive to be, wouldn’t it be lovely if we all knew each other a little better? If we all make one effort each time we are together, it gets easier each time.

Beth Torah is My Family

We call ourselves a family, which I truly feel we are. The reason I am passionate to do my job well is because Beth Torah is my family. As with the rest of my family, I wish for all the best for you and look to express my love, care and support whenever I can.

So at your next opportunity, please talk to someone you don’t know at all or chat to get to know someone a little better. It just takes a couple of minutes, and you both will feel great and more a part of our sacred community. If you need help, just ask me, I’m happy to make an introduction!

As always, we have so much going on, please read through and join us for as much as you are able. Chag Sameach, wishing you a wonderful Passover with family and friends.

With warmest greetings,