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Small Enough to Know You

CBT’s 3rd Annual Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament Fundraiser


Online Registration closes at 8 PM Friday. Walk-In Registration is available the day of the tournament

Bonus Chips

Each player is eligible for up to a maximum of 1000 bonus chips either through ‘Super Early Registration’, ‘Early Registration’ and/or available for purchase before the start of the tournament. $20 for 500 bonus chips, $40 for 1000 bonus chips.

  • Super Early Registraton – Register by April 16 and receive 1000 bonus chips
  • Early Registration – Register between April 17 and May 7 and receive 500 bonus chips
Tournament Structure
  • Starting chips—for a minimum $100 donation get 5000 chips (plus any bonus chips as detailed above)
  • Rebuys (5000 chips) will be available for the first 90 minutes with 1000 chips or less for a $100 donation
  • An Addon will be available at the end of the rebuy period, for all players that still have chips, for $50 donation (5000 chips)
  • Tournament will feature ‘professional’ tables and dealers provided by EDEN Casino Entertainment

Grand Prize $3700 Value—Winner can choose one of the following

  • $3000 World Series of Poker Tournament Event + $700 toward travel expenses
  • $3700 entry in the Choctaw World Poker Tour—Main Event (If Available)
  • $3700 Amazon Gift Card (less any applicable fees)

Additional Prizes

  • Coming Soon

Additional Details

  • Light snacks and drinks are available at no charge (In order to observe Jewish dietary laws within our building, please no outside food or drink)
  • Each player will receive a souvenir card protector chip
Time Table
  • 12:15PM – Doors Open
  • 12:35PM – Players Sit At Tables
  • 12:45PM – Welcome/Rules Highlights
  • 1:00PM – Shuffle Up And Deal

Tournament Sponsors

Dr. Jonathan & Andrea Bard, Jason & Aaron Bard
Cliff & Cyd Friedman
Scott & Vikki Silvis
Tony & Debbie Tello


Can I bring in food?
     Unfortunately NO, due to dietary laws maintained; however, we will be providing snack/drinks at no charge.

Can I make an additional donation to obtain bonus chips?
      YEShowever the maximum bonus chips are 1000.  Therefore:
          – Super Early Registration: Receives 1000 bonus chips (No more bonus chips available)
          – Early Registration: Receives 500 bonus chips (Can obtain 500 more for an additional $20 donation)
          – Regular Registration/At the door: Receives No bonus chips (Can obtain 500 more for an additional $20 donation OR 1000 more for an additional $40 donation)

Can I arrive late?
      YES, Registration is open for the first 1 1/2 hours of the tournament – you will not be blinded out.

Can I pick my seat?
      NO, Initial seat assignments will be assigned randomly at the registration desk.

Can I make my donation for bonus chips, rebuy, add-on chips with a credit card?

How many players are expected? 
     We have had about 55 players each of the past two years and hope to get the same or more.

How does the Rebuy and Add-on work?
      Rebuys/Add-on will be done at the table by the dealer.  During the first 1 1/2 hours of the tournament unlimited rebuys are available if your chip stack is 1000 or less (you don’t have to lose all your chips to rebuy). At the break following the end of the rebuy period, all remaining players with chips can add-on (regardless of chip stack size).  Rebuy: 5000 chips for $100 additional donation; Add-on: 5000 chips for $50 additional donation.

Can the prizes be chopped? 
     YES, if ALL remaining players (5 or less) agree to the chop.  (Gift card only grand prize option on chopped prizes)

Prizes, Blind Structure, etc. subject to change.

Sponsorships are available starting at a $500 donation. Includes one tournament entry plus publicity at the event and event web site. Send an email to to find out how to see your name or company name here.