Large Enough to Serve You
Small Enough to Know You

dale-breakfastBeth Torah’s award winning Men’s Club has another year of great programs ahead. The Men’s Club meets once a month for a super tasty lox and bagel breakfast followed up with interesting and informative speakers and other worthwhile projects.

So what does the Men’s Club do?

We do stuff for the shul.

  • Build the shul’s sukkah
  • Host a pancake breakfast for the Learning Center.
  • Do a project for the synagogue on the annual Karen Laynor Mitzvah Day

We do stuff we do for the community.

  • Lead the annual Reading of the Names Holocaust Remembrance program
  • Serve lunch to residents of Prince of Wales
  • Participate in  FJMC’s World Wide Wrap

We do stuff for the guys.

  • Cigars and scotch night
  • Dinners out
  • Attend sporting events like the Roughriders and the Stars

Claim your membership:

  • Standard Membership costs $36.00 per year and eat lox and bagels for $7.00
  • Chai Five costs $90 per year and includes all the lox and bagels you can eat
  • Pay-as-you-eat, non-members pay $10 per event for lox and bagels and hear a great speaker for free