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Keruv – Interfaith

keruvlogoWhat is Keruv?

Keruv (to come closer), spearheaded by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (a constituent arm of the Jewish movement), was formed to answer the needs of interfaith couples and families and, in the words of the Torah, to “welcome strangers in to the tent.”

Our Mission

To make every family, in-married and inter-married alike, feel as if they belong in a conservative synagogue with no pressure to convert, change or do anything different in their lives except to raise their children in a Jewish household and to observe Jewish ritual as best they are able.

Please read our monthly column in Beth Torah’s newsletter for questions and resolutions interfaith families face day to day. Click here for our article archives.

Please read the D’var on Interfaith Families by clicking here. In addition, read Rabbi Raskin’s sermon about Interfaith Families here Sermon and his Family Record article here Article..

Read the Texas Jewish Post article Keruv helps bring many families closer.

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Contact Information

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