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2017–2018 Adult Education Programming

Below are classes or discussions scheduled for this year. Some are free while others require a nominal fee. Reserve your seat by registering via this form.

    The Mystical Tradition and How it Speaks to our Everyday Lives

    Led by Rabbi Zelony
    *Select Sundays, 8AM, Room 207

    Come explore essays of the Chassidic masters and modern scholars to understand what Judaism has to say about God, inner transformation, spiritual practice, compassion, healing, tshuva, halacha and mitzvot. (*Follows Congregational Learning Center Sundays).
    Begins October 8
    Limited to 12 participants
    Led by Karen Hoffman
    *Select Sundays, 4-6PM (Library)

    This 8–week class is a new, groundbreaking program specifically designed to meet the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of Jewish seekers. In our groups, you will be guided through reflective work that enables you to come to new understandings about your life, self, values, and Jewish practices. Learning modes include text study, active listening, reflection, and journaling.
    October 16, 23, and 30
    10:30 to 11:30 AM (Oneg Room)
    $18 members / $36 non-member
    Led by Rabbi Zelony

    What does Judaism have to say about God? What do you believe about God? How has your understanding of God developed over the course of your life? Do these sound like questions you'd like to explore? God can be elusive. This class will give you ideas and language to articulate some of the beliefs you have or want to have about the Divine.  
    What the First Rabbis Had to Say About "You-Know-What"
    November 6, 13, 27; December 4 & 11
    10:30 to 11:30 AM (Oneg Room)
    $18 members / $36 non-member
    Led by Beri Schwitzer

    Join in this lighthearted, in-depth tour of sexuality within the Talmud and come eavesdrop at the first rabbis’ locker-room door as they discuss our most intimate relationships. With reflections from author Maggie Anton’s book of the same name, we will explore the Talmud with humor and modern insight.
    January 22 & 29; February 5 & 12
    10:30 to 11:30 AM (Oneg Room)
    $18 members / $36 non-member
    Led by Beri Schwitzer

    Using collections from the Jewish Women’s Archive, this course brings Biblical women to life, demonstrating the power of these often under-studied stories, and highlighting the ways in which they can help us navigate our own complicated lives. Learn about Eve’s role as the first mother, and consider what her story might teach us about going through a difficult experience without sufficient support. Was Lilith a demoness or heroine? Study her long and varied history, and consider how her story reflects changing perspectives on powerful women.
    February 26; March 5, 19, 26
    10:30 to 11:30 AM (Oneg Room)
    $18 members / $36 non-member
    Led by Beri Schwitzer

    These six classes weave stories of immigration and collective action together with traditional Jewish texts to create a rich investigation of Jewish involvement in the American Labor Movement. Identify the connections between human needs, work, and community, examine real-life examples of how to create social change, and look closely at contemporary labor issues through a Jewish lens.
    A course in Jewish Social Justice

    April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
    10:30 to 11:30 AM (Oneg Room)
    $18 members / $36 non-member
    Led by Beri Schwitzer

    Explore identity and activism highlighting the stories of Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Investigate the motivations and experiences of American Jewish activists, experiment with models for civil disobedience and community organizing, and unpack the complex relationship between Jews, African Americans, and social justice activism.
    Led by Chuck Smith. Open to CBT members only.
    Led by Elizabeth Stein. Prior knowledge of services needed. Open to CBT members only.
    Led by Arny Felner. Open to CBT members only.
    Select Sundays from November through February
    11:00 AM to Noon (Rabbi's Office)
    Led by Rabbi Zelony

    A dastardly villain, a wise sage, a foolish king and a brave queen...who wouldn't want to learn how to chant the most dynamic Jewish book of all time? This course will teach the trope as well as include text study of the material to deepen our understanding of the Purim story. Students will be encouraged and coached to read a portion from the megillah this year. Familiarity with a trope system is a pre–requisite to the course. Open to CBT members only.
    Select Mondays starting October 16
    7:00 PM at various locations
    Led by Rabbi Zelony, Rabbi Kushnick, and Rabbi Roffman

    Led by Rabbi Kushnick, Rabbi Roffman, and Rabbi Zelony, this cooperative–effort class between Beth Torah, Shearith Israel, and Anshai Torah, is designed for you to learn basics of Jewish theology, holidays, liturgy, Israel, life cycle, and history. 
    Select dates
    7:00 PM at various locations
    Led by Rabbi Schlesinger

    This panel discussion is a cross-cultural exchange, facilitating a wonderful atmosphere of learning, inspiration, and respect. For locations and topics, visit Faiths in Conversation on Facebook at
    Select Sundays
    7:30 PM (Sanctuary)
    Led by Rabbi Schlesinger

    The rabbinic Judaism that we practice today draws its lifeblood from our ancient Torah and yet, at the same time, is very different from what the Torah describes. The rabbis of yore understood themselves to be called upon to actively interpret and reinterpret the Torah and, in doing so, they often radically altered its meaning. They brought moral and humanistic values to bear on the legal text and, thus, bequeathed us the foundations of the Judaism that we know today. 

    Taught by Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, this class will cover a different example of rabbinic revolution every week, among them: The Wayward Son, The Deviant Wife, Eye for an Eye, A Woman’s Place, The Condemned City, The Meaning of Shavuot (the holiday), The Destruction of the Seven Canaanite Nations, and Animal Sacrifice.
    Meets on a Monday once a month
    Noon (Oneg Room)
    A unique interfaith study group of Jews and Christians who meet once a month. We are learning about each other as we study primary source texts (Bible, Mishnah) together.
    Select Tuesdays, October 17 to May 8
    6:00 to 9:00 PM (Room 207)
    $54 Members / $108 Non-Members
    Led by Beri Schwitzer

    This course will cover the sweep of more than 3,000 years of history, encounter texts and teachers both ancient and contemporary, and most importantly—have the opportunity to reflect on your place in the narrative of the Jewish people.
    Saturday, October 28
    1:00 to 2:00 PM (Oneg Room)

    Following a special Kiddush Luncheon, hear the stories of two inspiring young Israelis—their struggles, their successes, their military service, and their hopes and dreams. Ask the tough questions, and learn what it is actually like to live in a country that is the subject of so much discussion in the media and on campus.

    The soldiers speak in dozens of cities across North America each spring, in venues including college campuses, high schools, synagogues, and churches. By the time the annual tour is finished, these soldiers will have shared their personal experiences with tens of thousands of students and community members.
    Begins Tuesday, October 10
    7:00 to 9:00 PM (Anshai Torah)
    $36 for members of participating synagogues and the JCC
    $150 for non-members

    A Shalom Hartman Institute Lecture and Study Series

    iEngage: Israel’s Milestones and Their Meanings explores the pivotal events of 1917, 1947, and 1967 as key moments when Zionism unleashed new thinking about the meaning of Jewishness for generations to come. Memory is a central element in defining modern Jewish identity. As we look to Israel’s future, we need to engage anew with our past and explore its meanings and consequences. This iEngage series grapples with the different ideas and values that shape the meaning of modern Israel, Zionism, and Jewish identity today. Together we will engage in a new values-based discourse about Israel, including topics such as: nationhood, land, Sovereignty, Jerusalem, Occupation, and Moral Red Lines.

    This 12-week course engages Jews in an open and pluralistic discussion about issues of Jewish identity, peoplehood, ethics, and theology, as they relate to nationhood, land, sovereignty, Jerusalem, occupation, and moral red lines.

    Each session in this eight-unit course includes a 20-35 minute video lecture and a 20-30 minute round-table video discussion led by community Rabbis, as well as primary sources and background readings.

    Additional application is required for this class.
    FREE TRIAL! Sunday, October 8
    8:00 PM (Sukkah)
    First class begins October 14 at 8:00 PM
    $100 includes materials

    FEELING LOST IN THE SERVICE? In only thirteen hours, you'll be reading Hebrew!

    The name Chocolate Hebrew was chosen to give a sense of the fun, innovation – and appeal – of a totally different Hebrew reading crash course. In only 13 hours over a few weeks, this unique, multi-sensory, non-threatening intensive class will take the mystery out of the Hebrew alphabet – and prepare you for both Modern Hebrew and Prayer Book Hebrew courses! Chocolate Hebrew was developed by a master Hebrew teacher and a noted linguist in Washington, D.C., and introduced to Texas by Ruthie Precker, who has taught Hebrew at every level in the Dallas area for more than two decades.

    Follow up this class with Improving Your Hebrew Reading starting in November (see below).
    Starts Sunday, November 5
    10:00 AM to Noon (Room 207)
    $50 members / $100 non-members

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