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Small Enough to Know You

Doing Jewish

“Doing Jewish” — embracing Jewish rituals, traditions and law — can be challenging. However, doing Jewish really helps with being Jewish.

So how are we helping people learn to “do Jewish” at Beth Torah? We have a series of classes called
Doing Jewish where we welcome our learners and seekers to explore rituals in the comfort of small
gatherings in congregants’ homes. At each gathering we learn not only how to perform a ritual, but also
how the ritual can make meaning in our lives. Of course, we also nosh and get to know one another.
Below is the spring schedule for our Doing Jewish series. We hope to see you there. Just Jew it!

KEEPING KOSHER, Sunday, 29 January, 1:30 to 3:30 PM, Eileen & Howard Kessner’s
Many of us might associate the word kosher with complicated or archaic, but the word can also be associated with a higher consciousness when we eat. If you’d like to know more about kashrut and how to take some steps toward kosher eating, join us for this Doing Jewish class.

BLESSINGS OVER THE TORAH, Tuesday, 21 February, 7:30 PM, Cyd & Cliff Friedman’s
Details TBA

TALIT AND TEFILLIN, Sunday, 19 March, 7PM, Laurie & Stan Sutkin’s
Details TBA

SEARCHING FOR LEAVENED FOODS, Sunday, April 2, 7PM, Lynda & Jeff Markowitz’s
Details TBA

BLESSING OUR FOOD, TBD in May, Beri & Joel Schwitzer’s
Details TBA