Large Enough to Serve You
Small Enough to Know You

Cyd Friedman

Community Connection

So how did it go? Have you talked to someone you don’t know well yet? I would love to hear about it.

Connection in the Community

I heard about one experience from the recipient of the attention paid by a member of our board. I was actually at another congregation’s Shabbat service to share an extended family member’s honor. Beforehand, a couple came up to Cliff and me and reintroduced themselves. We had met the previous Passover when they were the “matched” guests at our family’s Seder. When he heard we were at Beth Torah, he shared with us his experience at a Starbuck’s recently where he was wearing his yarmulke. A guy came over to introduce himself and get to know him as a fellow Jew in the community. When our board member heard he and his wife were in the process of converting, he invited them to Beth Torah to experience our beautiful spiritual home. I was so excited to hear about this warm outreach, so I asked him who he met, but he couldn’t remember a name. At our recent board meeting, I relayed the story, and Ruben Granado quietly raised his hand. He was our outreach greeter! I am so appreciative and proud of his kindness and welcoming toward others and the great ambassador he is for Beth Torah!

Please share your stories with me.

Congregational Annual Meeting

Our congregational annual meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 22 at 7:00 PM, we hope to see you there. We will share our year in review and submit our slate for the 2017-2018 board for your approval.

New Tenant

Meanwhile, we are excited to start preparations for our incoming tenant. As I write this, the education wing is having a fire sprinkler system installed, and starting in the next few days a crew will begin construction on the ADA upgrades and other adjustments. We hope to have all of this work completed before June 1 so the tenant can get the necessary state licensing for the soon-to-open preschool.

CBT Busy and Connected

Meanwhile, CBT stays busy and connected. We had a wonderful 2nd Seder with 150 people sharing a beautiful Passover meal as well as a child and adult friendly Hagadah experience. Thank you to all who made it happen.

May is amazingly busy—please continue reading through the details enclosed to find all of the great places you can participate and volunteer.

*This article references last month’s. If you missed my April article in which I talked about relationships and treating Beth Torah visitors as honored guests, follow this link and scroll to page 5— or view blog version here.