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Calendar & Communications

We have policies and deadlines so please read before proceeding to make your submission…

Our synagogue calendar is populated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please look at our calendar to make sure there are no conflicts before proceeding.

Click here to check the master calendar

We do our best to accommodate all requests but, ultimately, we are limited by various considerations. Please don’t take it personally if your item either doesn’t appear or is greatly edited.

Deadlines to remember:

Weekly bulletin should be received 14 days prior to the shabbat you wish it to appear in print.

M3 (snail mail) is due by the 4th of each month.

The Family Record is due by the 1st of the month PRIOR to the month it will appear (that one’s a bit tricky, we know, but if you work 60 days out, you’ll be just fine).

For questions or help, please contact our Board Secretary by email at

Otherwise, get ready…get set…go…