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Alan Hoffman

Growth and Cohesiveness

As we move into February, the cold weather is still out there. At the same time, you can also feel that spring is in the air. The vibrancy of our Congregation continues to impress me. We have so many programs led by an “army” of volunteers. It would be difficult to not find something of […]

Rabbi Elana Zelony

Natural Beauty

Did you know that when the Golden Gate Bridge was first being built there was a debate about the color? The bridge spans a space of incredible natural beauty, and from its inception the designers knew form was as important as function. Their goal was to enhance the natural setting with a work of art. […]

Cyd Friedman

Successful Winter Events

I am honored to have been asked to add an article to the Family Record while Alan is enjoying vacation with his family. We had a lot of bonding and fun experiences during the month of December. These included our congregation–wide Hanukkah party, which was a fun event for all ages. Thank you to Carlie […]

Rabbi Elana Zelony

Shabbat: Oneg and Melachot

Throughout the centuries great sages have made sweeping statements about Shabbat like, “More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath the Sabbath has kept the Jews.” What exactly does it mean to keep the Sabbath, and more importantly how can keeping the Sabbath be a moving spiritual experience? There are two basic ways to mark […]

Beri Schwitzer

Enthusiasm to Make a Difference

Everyone should have heroes. I recently found out that I shared a birthday with one of my heroes, Hannah Senesh. Born on July 17, 1921, she was the talented daughter of distinguished and assimilated Hungarian Jewish parents. At the age of 13, Hannah began to write a diary and from it we learn much of […]

Rabbi Elana Zelony

Let All Who Are Thirsty

Have you ever watched a thirsty plant respond to the first rain after weeks of dryness? It turns a brighter green. Stalks and leaves magically straighten and strengthen.  Add just a little water and vibrancy blossoms. This is like our ancestor Abraham as he began a relationship with God. The prophet Isaiah teaches, “For I […]