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Synagogue Mascot

The board and I have recently finished reading How to Attract Millions of People to Your Synagogue by Rabbi Abel Bodyman. The chapter that resonated with us the most was about creating a brand for the synagogue. A distinct brand will help people remember our synagogue. Most communities brand their shul with a logo or tagline and, since we […]

Beri Schwitzer

40 Cups of Coffee in 2018

My parents had a framed quote from the Talmud that hung over our fire place for most of my childhood. Its message: “Who is wise? One who learns from all.” The quote stuck with me stressing the Jewish value of seeking wisdom as well engaging those around you. It’s the knowledge we gain from others that can motivate […]

Cyd Friedman

Happy New Year! Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe 2017 is behind us! It was a wonderful year, and we look forward to continuing to spend meaningful team together, starting as early as next week! But first, a quick thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who made the Mitzvah Menorah project work so well, and the special party […]

Egalitarian Value and Tefillin

I’m honored and proud to be the first woman to lead a Conservative congregation in the state of Texas. It means a lot to me that the origin story of Beth Torah includes a desire to be egalitarian. Equality between men and women is an important value in our community. If I asked most of our members if they […]

Beri Schwitzer

Teacher Spotlight: Will Pollard

In an effort to introduce our Congregational Learning Center team to the community, we will start featuring teacher spotlights in the Family Record. This month we would like to introduce you to Moreh Will Pollard, our 2nd grade teacher. Will, a freshman at the University Texas at Dallas, has been teaching with the ISJL curriculum […]

Cyd Friedman

Grateful for Friends and Congregants

Wow, it’s hard to believe 2017 is almost over. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and close friends. November reminded me of all that we have to be grateful for, with Beth Torah members sharing many life cycle events, some very happy, others sad and difficult. In the last couple of months […]

Rededicated at Hanukkah

Hanukkah is coming and nothing symbolizes the holiday to me more than our Torah readers and service leaders. Let me explain what I mean. The Greeks tried to annihilate Judaism primarily through prohibiting our people to practice their traditions and pass them on to the next generation. Yet, miraculously we did not disappear. Instead, we […]

Beri Schwitzer

Learn as if You Were to Live Forever

When Rabbi Hanina and Rabbi Hiyya used to quarrel, Rabbi Hanina would say: “Do you dare to quarrel with me? Even if, God forbid, the entire Torah were forgotten, I would be able to restore it by myself, relying on my powers of argumentation.” Rabbi Hiyya would respond: “Do you dare to argue with me? Consider what […]

Cyd Friedman

We Never Stand Still

An amazingly beautiful High Holiday season is now behind us. Thank you to all who participated and helped make it so special for our CBT family. We Never Stand Still But, as you know, we never stand still, and so much more has (and is) happening at Beth Torah. Our new adult education programs are going strong. This […]